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Utility Rebate Program - Unisource

Efficient Home Program

Improve the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your house. Start saving today with utility incentives available through participating Unisource.

The Efficient Home Program offers customer incentives for making specific energy efficiency improvements to existing homes when installed by a program participating contractor. Incentives are subject to change and are periodically updated. See program applications and forms for additional requirements and conditions.

Incentives ~ UES Electric

•Heating and cooling early retirement (10 SEER or less) and replacement: $500
•Equipment downsizing: $150
•Duct sealing: $3/CFM25 reduced up to the lesser of 50% of installed cost or $450
•Air sealing: 50% of installed costs up to $250
•Air sealing with attic insulation: 50% of installed costs up to $800
•Shade screens or solar window film: $1 per square foot installed up to $250
•For additional information on tax credits, please see the Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit information
•View additional information on low cost financing for home energy efficiency projects.


Incentives are not currently available for gas energy efficiency measures. Please check this website periodically for future updates. Thank you.

Who is eligible?

• You must be a UES residential customer.
• You must own a single-family detached home, townhome or other attached residential building with up to four units.


If you’re interested in reducing your energy cost it’s critical that you have the home tested by a “third party” professional energy rater. It’s our job as that professional to give you a truly unbiased assessment of the home first; because we are a “third party” testing company we aren’t here to sell you a particular product. Once we’ve evaluated the home, we sit down and explain all the results as well as make recommendations that will reduce your energy cost and improve comfort.

As a licensed general contractor we will see you through any or all recommendations. Thinking about purchasing “Solar Panels”? Give us a call first! By reducing your energy bill first you could save thousands toward your system!



Air Balancing Certification; Evo Energy Solutions now has certificates of training in both residential and commercial applications from NCI - National Comfort Institute. We are now certified for residential and light commercial up to 25 tons. Click on the certificates to the left to view in full size.


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Can any system be balanced?

A contractor with the right tools and training can improve the performance of virtually any system. The more accessible your ductwork is, the easier it is to perform balancing and duct renovation work.

What’s the difference between an NCI Certified Technician and other heating and air conditioning techs?

Most companies are in business to just fix or replace heating and cooling equipment. Your certified Air Balancing Technician considers the entire system and is qualified to test, diagnose, and repair your ducts air flow and air leakage.

Most contractors tell me that I’ll save big on my utility bills and be more comfortable by just replacing my existing equipment with a more efficient model. Is this true?

It could be, as long as the duct system is in the same condition as the new equipment. If it isn’t, the system will only function as well as the ducts do. Compare it to installing a brand-new race car engine on an old beat up sedan.

How will air balancing solve my problem of rooms with different temperature?

The airflow through the system is what carries the heating or cooling. By adjusting the volume of airflow, we adjust the amount of heating or cooling a room needs to.



Home Energy Improvements / Home Insulation / Solar Energy Panels - Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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Lake Havasu Home Insulation:

Over time insulation can break down, redistribute, and lose its ability to resist heat flow. When combined with air sealing, properly insulating your attic will save energy and improve comfort throughout your home.


Service Area:
Local Area: Lake Havasu City, Bullhead, Kingman, Parker.
We’re always willing to venture beyond our local area, give us a call at
928.486.0301 to discuss your project.

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