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   What is Home Energy Performance Testing?
   What is Home Energy Performance testing?


  What are we testing for?
  Indoor Air Quality:
  What Is A Test Like?
  Visual Inspection:
  Combustion Safety Testing:
  Blower Door Testing:
  Duct Blaster Testing:
  Infrared Testing:
  What Does It Cost And What Do I Get?

Home Energy/Performance testing is about discovering how the different components of your house work together to deliver the comfort, efficiency, safety, and indoor air quality (IAQ) your family deserves.

What are we testing for?
Comfort: Comfort is usually key for homeowners; Evo Energy Solutions can solve comfort issues such as drafty rooms, poorly performing heating systems, and low insulation levels.


Using advanced tools such as a blower door, duct blaster, and infrared (IR) camera, Evo Energy Solutions has the skills to maximize the efficiency of all of your systems—and to lower your energy bills.


Every system in a house affects every other system. That's why Evo Energy Solutions test the combustion safety of gas appliances, which can emit dangerous carbon monoxide into houses with poorly performing building shells or mechanical systems. Home performance technicians test before AND after work is performed, so that you can be sure your home is safe.

Indoor Air Quality:  (back to top)

Many chronic illnesses have a link to the environment. Mildew, mold, dust, and other contaminants can be dramatically reduced by sealing the building shell and duct system. Home performance technicians are experts at mitigating these common indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and ensuring healthy levels of ventilation.

What Is A Test Like?  (back to top)
Testing involves several elements and tools, depending on your goals and the types of systems in your home.

Visual Inspection:  (back to top)

The technician will look for any moisture-related issues or combustion-safety concerns and may take detailed measurements of your home's walls, roof, windows, duct system, and insulation levels. The technician can also learn a lot looking for tell-tale problems.

Combustion Safety Testing:  (back to top)

Combustion appliances such as gas water heaters and furnaces pose serious health and safety risks when they do not properly vent combustion gases from the home. Evo Energy Solutions will set up "worst-case" conditions to detect venting problems, which can then be addressed.

Blower Door Testing:  (back to top)

This procedure involves placing a large fan in an exterior doorway. This fan exhausts air from the house and pulls it in through openings around pipes, chimneys, light fixtures, and other areas of leakage. The technician measures the total leakage and identifies the areas where it can be most easily addressed.

Duct Blaster Testing:  (back to top)

The technician temporarily seals duct registers and attaches a fan to the duct system to blow air through any gaps. .The technician quantifies the total leakage and identifies the areas where it can be most easily addressed.

Infrared Testing:  (back to top)

Infrared or thermography testing has emerged as a powerful, versatile and highly accurate diagnostic tool for uncovering a wide range of problems in building systems and structures, including moisture intrusion, missing or damaged insulation, overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, loose electrical connections and construction defects.

What Does It Cost And What Do I Get?  (back to top)
Testing fees can range from $99 to $600 depending on the depth of analysis. In general, tests take from1 to 4 hours. We will consult with you to develop recommendations and a scope of work tailored to your goals, budget, and timeline.


We can also provide a detailed report that will explain test results and improvement recommendations with estimated return on investment (ROI) scenarios. We are also a full service contractor and will be happy to provide a no-cost proposal for any and all recommended improvements.

Service Area:  (back to top)
Local Area: Lake Havasu City, Bullhead, Kingman, Parker.
We’re always willing to venture beyond our local area, give us a call at
928.486.0301 to discuss your project.

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