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Performance Testing / Audit / Analysis For Lake Havasu Home Builders


Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes
Market Differentiation and Recognition
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Increased Revenue
Program Flexibility
EPA Support for Builders
Tax Credits and Rebates


Home Energy/Performance testing is about discovering how the different components of your house work together to deliver the comfort, efficiency, safety, and indoor air quality (IAQ) your family deserves.

Benefits of an ENERGY STAR Certified Homes
Today everyone is concerned about rising energy costs. By partnering with ENERGY STAR, builders provide their customers a comfortable home that uses less energy. Homeowners appreciate saving money on their energy bills. And builders appreciate fewer callbacks and complaints.

As ENERGY STAR partners, builders can also gain the following advantages:

Market Differentiation and Recognition
Partnering with ENERGY STAR distinguishes builders as leaders in energy-efficient construction and environmental stewardship, providing valuable peer and public recognition that translates into market advantage because consumers increasingly ask for ENERGY STAR.

As homebuyers across the country become increasingly interested in green building, energy efficiency is the best place for them to start. And the easy way for builders to show that their new homes are energy efficient is with the blue ENERGY STAR logo mark, the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. Learn more about how Green Begins with ENERGY STAR Blue (130KB).

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
The energy-efficient features built into ENERGY STAR certified homes increase comfort and satisfaction, resulting in fewer homeowner complaints and callbacks.

Increased Revenue
The built-in energy-saving features can increase revenue on ENERGY STAR certified homes. In addition, the projected energy savings may allow a buyer to afford additional upgrades, further increasing the builder’s profit.

Program Flexibility
Builders choose from “tried and true” energy efficiency features to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines. The variety of features available can be integrated with consumer preferred designs, layouts, or option packages.

EPA Support for Builders
As ENERGY STAR partners, builders can use EPA-produced marketing resources and technical resources at no cost. Some examples include:

ENERGY STAR for Homeowners / Existing Homes, ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick, ENERGY STAR Home Energy Advisor




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